Sa Seada, a typical Sardinian dessert

When it comes to desserts, the Seada is undoubtedly one of the most known and appreciated of Sardinian cuisine.

The base for this dish is made by puff pastry fried in lard and filled with hot cheese. Perhaps not what you would call a ‘sweet’. That’s why the Seada is usually covered in honey. The crunchy crust, the melted cheese and the honey contribute to the creation of a dessert that you will love from the first bite.


The origin of this plate dates back to the Roman times. In both Petronio and Catone it is possible to find dishes made out of flour, pecorino cheese and honey. While today the Seada is served as a dessert it is quite probable that it was originally the only dish.

The name is thought to come from the latin sebum which indicates the animal lard. Today Sardinians use numerous names to refer to the dish, such as “Sebada”, Sabada” or “Seatta”, but Seadas is the most common.


The traditional recipe for the Seada is bran mixed with lard filled with fresh sour pecorino cheese and lemon peels and covered in honey.

However is not uncommon to find variations to this recipe.

Some people will prefer to cover the Seada with icing sugar, some other times the lemon peels will be replaced by orange peels.

It is also possible to find the Seada as a main served with parsley and salt instead of honey and lemon.




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