The most ancient wine of the Mediterranean was Sardinian

Sardinians have been the first people to grow vine and produce wine in the Mediterranean about 3000 years ago.

Researchers from the University of Cagliari have recently discovered two important pieces of evidence that prove how grapevine farming started locally and was not imported by Phoenicians.


In the January of 2015, the archaeobotanists have found a perfectly preserved well with traces of organic remains nearby a nuraghe in Cabras. It is supposed that the well was used as a primitive fridge to store vine seeds.

Chemical analysis has proved that the organic traces found in the well were presumably seeds of Vernaccia and Malvasia, two different qualities of grapes, and that, therefore, Sardinians used to cultivate grapevines as soon as 3000 years ago.


Another analysis on a stone hand press has revealed that grapes were squeezed out in order to produce wine as we know it today.

Researcher highlighted how this is a major discovery in the history of wine production. Sardinian were arguably the first producers in the Mediterranean area.







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