La corsa degli scalzi (the run of the barefooted people)

The first Sunday of September, Cabras is celebrating, but mostly becomes an example of tradition.
An increasingly large mass of barefoot runners takes delivery of the “Santu Srabadori” (San Salvatore) wooden simulacrum, which has to be carried from the parish of Santa Maria Assunta (Cabras) to the church of San Salvatore, which rises in the homonymous peninsula.

A large group of young barefoot and dressed in white habits of the penitents carrying the saint on their shoulders through the paths, surrounded by stubble and pastures, running for 12 kilometres.
This event presumably dates back to 1619 and simulates the rescue of the statue by the invasion of the Moors.

According to legend, the Discalced used, instead of shoes,  twigs tied on bare feet, in order to raise more dust they could to seem more numerous and frightening the Saracen invaders. This trick helped save the statue.
Theater of this folkloric-religious manifestation is the town of Cabras, in the Sinis Peninsula, a plain surrounded by ponds and hills sloping down to the beautiful beaches.



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