The village is attractively situated between thickets of rock roses and oaks, in a sinkhole arisen by tectonic subsidence in the heart of Monte Tiscali in the Supramonte of Oliena.

The area, which now shows signs of deterioration, has two clusters of huts of different floor plan, size and function.
The first cluster, consisting of forty huts, is located in the North of the cavity field, on a steep slope: it is not unlikely, therefore, that facilities arose on artificial terraces.
The huts, of limited size, are circular and elongated oval plant. The walls are preserved to a considerable height and were built with rough stones small emplaced in an irregular manner with the use of abundant mud mortar.

The second village, located on the South/Ovest side, consists of about thirty huts.
Except for a building, these structures have a rectangular or quadrangular plan and are much smaller than those built in the north slope.
This huts were presumably used as warehouses for supplies and as animal shelters
In the site have been found a few ceramic of nuragic era.




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