Poetto is Cagliari’s main beach. It stretches for about eight kilometres, from Sella del Diavolo (the Devil’s Saddle) up to the coastline of Quartu Sant’Elena. Poetto is also the name of the district located on the western stretch of the strip between the beach and Saline di Molentargius (Molentargius’s Salt Mine).

Poetto is popularly divided into “fermate” (stops), which means the various stretches of beach are recognised by the ordinal number of bus stops or urban lines linking the city centre district. The most popular is the 1st stop, adjacent to the port of Marina Piccola. Very famous and popular are the 2nd (D’Aquila), 3rd (Lido) 4th and the 6th, home of major events (Championships of Beach Volleyball, Beach soccer, Beach Football and concerts). Around the 10th stop, the coastline belonging to the Municipality of Quartu Sant’Elena begins.


Poetto is also the entertainment district for Cagliari’s nightlife and attracts many tourists. Especially from June to September, one can listen to live music, go to discos, participate in dance lessons or karaoke or simply walk on the seashore.

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