Birthplace of several renowned artists, including writers, poets, painters, and sculptors, Nuoro hosts some of the most important museums in Sardinia. It is considered an important cultural centre of the region and it has been referred as the “Atene sarda” (Sardinian Athens). Nuoro is the hometown of Grazia Deledda, the first and only Italian woman to win (1926) the Nobel Prize for Literature. The Museo Deleddiano is one of the main attraction of the city and collects testimonies relating to the life and activity of the writer.

Walking through the lovely old town of Nuoro, rich in art and history, we can see many monuments. Among them, the Duomo, built in the mid-nineteenth century, where many paintings by local artists are kept; the Church of San Simplicio, built between XI and XII century in Romanesque style; the Sanctuary and the Chiesa delle Grazie; MAN, Art Museum of Nuoro, distributed over four floors, two of which house temporary exhibitions and two works by Sardinian artists from the early twentieth century to today; the National Archaeological Museum, where you can admire numerous exhibits on the history of Nuoro from the Neolithic period to the Middle Ages.


In the south-east of Nuoro, there is the territory of Barbagia, which includes the massif of Gennargentu: an area full of charm, but impervious and sparsely inhabited. Among the small villages of Barbagia are important Oliena, whose old town, with houses with white walls and the ruins of the medieval castle, is one of the most characteristics of the island. Also worth a visit Orgosolo. It became particularly famous for its many murals of social-political content painted on the walls of the old town in the seventies.



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